Crowne Plaza Beijing Sun Palace, China

Address:Yunnan Dasha, North-East Corner of Taiyanggong Bridge, Xibahe, North-East 3rd Ring Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing

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Traffic Guide:

Beijing Capital International Airport:Take the airport line(T3 Terminal Station - Dongzhimen Station)——Transfer to Metro Line 13 (Exit East, GuangXiMen Station B ) - 10 minutes walk

Beijing South Railway Station: Take Subway Line 14 (Beijing South Railway Station - Shilihe Station)—— Transfer to Metro Line 10 (Exit Northwest, Shaoyaoju Station) - 12 minutes walk

Beijing West Railway Station: Take Subway Line 9 (Beijing West Railway Station - National Library Station) ——Transfer to Metro Line 4 (Haidian Huangzhuang Station,)——Transfer to Metro Line 10 ( Exit Northwest, Shaoyaoju Station ) - 12 minutes walk

Beijing Railway Station: Take Subway Line 2 (Beijing Railway Station - Dongzhimen Station) ——Transfer to Metro Line 13 (Exit B, Guangximen Station) ——10 minutes walks